Welcome to the official Homepage of Institute for Airway Disease!

The mission and goals of our Institute are as follows:

Promote the treatment for the airway disease, especially for the airway stenosis

Promote high-quality clinical research using the methods of clinical epidemiology

Innovate the solution for mental health problem in the workplace through collaborative research with experts of Psychiatrist and Psychology

We are offering information on the airway disease, including adult and pediatric airway stenosis such as supra-glottic, glottic, sub-glottic, or tracheal stenosis.

For the treatment of airway stenosis, the diagnosis is the essential first step. Without the correct diagnosis, all following steps are misled and the treatment could be often fruitless. The best treatment could be offered only when the precise diagnosis is made by a specialist with sufficient experience and knowledge. Although well-trained expertise is also required for successful treatment, it is really difficult to find the experienced specialists, especially in the Asian countries.

Our main objective is to offer the world-level diagnostic and therapeutic information. We hope those who are suffering from the lack of information will have enough information and the right treatment.

In addition to clinical treatment for the airway disease, we aim to endorse clinical research on all domains of medical practice using the methods of modern clinical epidemiology. We are currently conducting several clinical studies in collaboration with the well-trained epidemiologists to facilitate evidence based medicine.

Furthermore, we are interested in developing effective strategies for mental health in the workplace. In modern society, poor mental health in the workplace is one of the serious problems that can affect not only individuals but also the whole society. With Psychologist and Psychiatrists, we are investigating on the solution for this problem. The information of our research will be uploaded soon.

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We hope you and your family could find the right specialist and the treatment.